Common reasons why some people struggle to perform pull-ups

These tips might help

Whether you are a newbie or are a seasoned fitness enthusiast, some moves are difficult for every single individual, just like pull-ups. You will find others performing this exercise with much grace and ease, but when you try it, you are always left disappointed.

Pull-ups is indeed one of the most difficult exercises and you are required to have a great upper body strength to pull your entire body weight upwards while hanging from a bar. It is an excellent exercise to target your lats and biceps. For the same reason, people are crazy for this exercise. If you too are struggling to do pull-ups, then we will tell you how you can master this exercise to reap its amazing benefits.

Muscles targeted

The primary muscle targeted in this move is your latissimus dorsi, which is the most powerful pulling muscles present in your back. It provides you enough strength to pull your body upwards. Apart from that biceps, trapezius muscle, the pectoralis minor, erector spinae, obliques and part of your triceps work together to help in the movement of the body.

Here are some areas you need to work on to perfect this particular move:

​If you find difficult to pull- Your muscles are weak

Yes, pull-ups are one the best moves you can perform to strengthen back muscles, but before attempting this exercise, you must have a strong back, chest, and arms. You cannot start working on your back muscles with this particular exercise. Pull-ups are not recommended for beginners. It is an advanced level of exercise. So, before pull-ups try single-arm dumbbell, lat pull-down to work on your muscles.

​If your hands are slippery- Your grip strength is not up to the par

If your grip strength is not enough to hold your bodyweight, then it would be difficult for you to perform pull-ups. Your gripping strength keeps your body stable when you are hanging from the bar. To improve your grip strength, add exercises that involve static contractions of the hands, forearms, shoulders and upper back like carry heavy dumbbells or hang from the pull-up bar for a while.

​If you feel tired easily- You are too heavy

Another reason why you might not be able to do enough repetitions of this exercise is that you are too heavy. If your body weight is too much, you will get tired easily. If this happens with you often then it simply means that you need to lose some weight.

​If your hand or back hurts- Your form is incorrect

No matter what kind of exercise you are performing, you need to be careful about your form. Performing any exercise rigorously, in incorrect form can lead to muscle spasm and even injury. So always keep your body neutral and hands wider than shoulder-width apart while performing pull-ups.